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ordering personalized ww1 dog tag sets

To order personalized reproduction

world war one tag sets fill out the information you would like stamped on your reproduction ww1 dog tag(s) Most names will fit around the edge. there can be limits on the other lines due to length of name around the edge as well.

all characters are in capitols only on all world war one dog tags, numbers 0-9 and period mark. (one blank space counts as one character.)

all orders are paid thru pay pal, you do not need to have a pay pal acct to checkout, a credit card will work and checkout as guest.

reproduction WW! dog tag set






one single hole and one double hole tag with 36" of original type white cotton webbing. Please fill out the form to the right and you will be directed thru Pay Pal. You don't need an account to check out. You can use a credit card as a guest.

both reproduction wwi custom dog tags can have the same information on them or different.

these dog tags originally had the full name around the rim. rank, then company, unit and or branch of service information. most would have had USA on the bottom. the assigned service number would have been on the reverse side of both dog tags. some had the home town or address of next of kin on them instead. some only had name, usa and or number on them or just a name. it depended on who made them and at what time frame during the war. see samples to the left for ideas. we can put anything you want that will fit.

Name (25 max)
Rank (5max)
Unit (6max)
Unit (8max)
USA (6max)
Reverse (9max)
One dog tag set with cord:$20.00 and 1.00 shipping

we also sell the blanks for 5.00 a piece if you want to stamp your own tags. we have both the M1910 one hole tags and the M1918 two hole tags. please order with the pay pal link to the right. we offer a 20% discount on any large orders over 10 pieces on both tag sets and blanks. please contact us to order anything over 10 items to get the discount as we will have to invoice you separately. thank you.


ww1 dog tag reproduction blanks

we make replicas of both the M1910 dog tags  (one hole)and the M1918 dog tags (two holes) 

WW1 M1910 blanks

single hole m1910 dog tag blanks 5.00 each 1.10 shipping

Blanks style

ww1 m1918 blanks

two hole m1918 dog tag blanks 5.00 each 1.10 shipping


m1924 dog tag reproductions

Reproduction M1924 dog tag set (between the war dog tags) with cotton cord. these were issued after ww1 in 1924 thru 1939 until the more modern style stainless steel tags were used. the originals were made of Monel . ours our made of aluminum due to the high cost of monel Metal. we copied from an original m1924 dog tag and use the original stamp kits which is the same used during wwI


Name (25 max)
Rank (5max)
Unit (6max)
Unit (8max)
USA (6max)
Reverse (9max)
Two M1924 dog tags with cotton cord: $20.00 and 1.10 shipping
m1924 reproduction dog tags

notched dog tags

For ww2 "notched" dog tags and modern style dog tag sets please visit our other site:


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